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  • What will I learn on this course?
    You will learn: How to assess patients medically, physiologically and anatomically for implant placement How to assess patient's psychologically and manage their expectations How to perform straightforward dental implant placement by raising flaps, preparing osteotomies in different bone types and insertion of implants in the optimum way to achieve primary stability and osseointegration Aseptic surgical field preparation and technique to minimise complications in osseointegration How to avoid complications and pitfalls in implant surgery How to prosthetically plan cases and work towards good prosthetic outcomes How to manage soft tissues to achieve good biological seal around implant connections Guided surgery (brief overview) - planning on exocad, surgical guide fabrication and surgical placement
  • How do I register?
    1- Fill in the registration form on the course programme page 2- Email us and we will get back to you with place availability and payment instructions
  • Does this course qualify me to practise implant dentistry in the UK?
    This course is designed to provide a condensed and immersive training experience in dental implant surgery. There will also be lectures to supplement what you are learning in practice. You will also receive 35 hours of CPD and a certificate from the British University in Egypt. The guidelines for implant dentistry training for UK practitioners recommends 20 mentored cases for beginner practitioners and this course's cases can count towards requirements as long as they are correctly supervised, logged and signed off by the supervisor/mentor. However, the guidelines for implant dentistry training for UK practitioners cannot be fulfilled by this course alone. The document Training Standards in Implant Dentistry 2016 provides broad guidelines for those who wish to achieve full training status. It mentions: - Two broad (but inevitably interchangeable) categories of 'Straightforward Placement' and 'Complex Placement' - The necessity to acquire training through different modalities including accredited training courses, supervised hands-on training with a mentor, maintenance of a log-book and commitment to lifelong learning. Dental Implant Training UK is partnered with the BSID who can provide continuation of your training through their introduction to implant dentistry course and mentoring. For further information please contact us on +447965999875 or
  • Will I get support when I return to the UK?
    Yes! To help you fulfil the requirements for Dental Implant Training in the UK, Implant Training Egypt is partners with Dental Implant Training UK and the BSID. We will provide you with mentoring, case discussion and support and we are building an accredited training course in the UK so that all your training requirements can be found with us.
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