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Course Fees:    Surgical Course £5,800

Optional Prosthetics Course: £4,000


Course Details

Next Cohort September 7th to 11th September 2024

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​​This course is primarily an implants live surgery course with the placement of 7-10 dental implants per candidates.

There is an option to return in 3 months to perform second stage surgery, impressions and digital scanning, and fitting of restorations. This second phase provides the candidate with the opportunity to complete the treatments and submit a log book covering all aspects of implant treatment.

The decision to embark on the second phase can be made at a later stage.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for any practising dentist with some basic knowledge of dental implantology (preferably through a structured teaching programme), who needs to obtain hands-on experience in a well-equipped university environment.  Training is under the care and supervision of experienced lecturers and professors at a reputable and internationally recognised teaching institute. 

We welcome candidates from our sister association, the BSID's Introduction to Implant Dentistry course or from any other course or training programme, who wish to increase their implant cases or to gain extra confidence performing implant surgery.

Candidate suitability

Candidates must fulfil at least one of the categories below to qualify for this course:

  • At least 2 years of post VT practice experience with an emphasis on oral surgery or implant dentistry

  • Completion of the BSID Introduction to Implant Dentistry course

  • Undergoing training in any UK or internationally recognised implants training programme

  • Over 1 year of implants dentistry experience, restoring dental implants in practice

  • Please note that candidates will be required to provide an up-to-date health check covering Hep B, Hep C, and HIV as per UK and Egyptian requirements.

Our role

Implant Training UK will be participating in the lecturing and case supervision throughout the course.  We aim to ensure compliance with UK and internationally recognised training standards and fulfilment of the practical requirements set by the FGDPUK

Training Standards in Implant Dentistry Guidelines


What to expect

  • First class hands-on experience in dental implant placement on suitably selected patients at basic level.  7-10 dental implants per candidate*

  • Instruction by BUE teaching faculty members,  all at consultant level in Oral Surgery, along with UK team members.

  • Daily lectures and case discussions using didactic teaching methods (covering implantology subjects on a case-by-case basis).

  • Lectures on digital implant planning and fabrication of surgical guides.

  • Lecture coverage of advanced subjects such as GBR, sinus augmentation and full arch implant dentistry.

  • Excursions to Cairo's most well-known attractions including the Pyramids of Giza, the Bazaar of Khan El-Khalili and the Hussein Mosque, the Cairo Citadel built by the well-known Saladin, and the Egyptian Museum.

  • Food and accommodation included.

  • Transportation from Cairo airport to the university and within Cairo.

Limitations of the course

This course is designed to provide a condensed and immersive training experience in dental implant surgery. There will also be lectures to supplement what you are learning in practice. You will also receive min 25 hours of verifiable  CPD and a certificate from the British University in Egypt. 

The guidelines for implant dentistry training for UK practitioners recommends 20 mentored cases for beginner practitioners and this course's cases can count towards  requirements as long as they are correctly supervised, logged and signed off by the supervisor/mentor.


The full requirements cannot be fulfilled by this course alone. The document Training Standards in Implant Dentistry 2016 provides broad guidelines for those who wish to achieve full training status. It mentions:


- Two broad (but inevitably interchangeable) categories of 'Straightforward Placement' and 'Complex Placement'

- The necessity to acquire training through different modalities including accredited training courses, supervised hands-on training with a mentor, maintenance of a log-book and commitment to lifelong learning.


Dental Implant Training UK is partnered with the BSID who can provide continuation of your training through their introduction to implant dentistry course and mentoring.

The BSID's Introduction to Implant Dentistry course covers all the main subject areas required, but we still recommend further reading, affiliation with one of our partner associations and regular attendance at talks and seminars to ensure that your knowledge continues to develop and that you fulfil all the Training Standards guidelines.

This course does not qualify practitioners to perform advanced bone augmentation, sinus augmentation or full arch treatments without the supervision of a mentor or course instructor.


Mentoring is an essential component of UK training standards in implant dentistry.

For practitioners wishing to fulfil UK requirements, mentoring will be available in the UK, provided by Implant Training UK and our sister association the BSID. 


Course Fees   £5,800 

Fees include all course materials, 8 implants and relevant components, accommodation, excursions and meals ( additional implants and components paid extra).

Flights not included

Payment by BACS to: Osteodent Limited, sort code 56-00-03 account number 20854455


To register, please to fill out the information below and we will get back to you with place availability and payment details.

British University in Egypt Implants Training Course 2024

Course Programme: 

Day 0  

  • Arrival in Cairo - Shuttle to BUE dorms/hotel  

  • Quick visit/tour to oral surgery department

  • Dinner/Lunch/Breakfast 

  • Cairo outing or rest

Day 1  

  • AM - Lectures and practical on models or animal heads

  • AM - Demonstration of implant setup, kits

  • PM - Outing 1 - e.g. Pyramids and Museum *

Day 2

  • AM - Case discussion and placement - case reflection and records check and sign-off

  • PM - Case discussion and placement - case reflection and records check and sign-off 

  • Lecture (e.g. digital implant planning and fabrication of surgical guides)

  • Dinner or Excursion (e.g. ElHussein Mosque and Khan ElKhalili)

Day 3

  • AM - Case discussion and placement - case reflection and records check and sign-off

  • PM - Case discussion and placement - case reflection and records check and sign-off 

  • Lecture (e.g. modern GBR techniques)

  • Bonus lectures at Dental Gallery - Digital Implant Planning and Surgical Guides

  • Dinner and Outing

Day 4 

  • AM - Case discussion and placement - case reflection and records check and sign-off

  • PM - Case discussion and placement - case reflection and records check and sign-off 

  • Lecture (e.g. full arch and All on X or live demo)

  • Dinner and award of certificates

Day 5 

  • Overflow day in case of numbers not being met - or

  • Day out - Pyramids and Sphinx

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Ali and Paula surgery_edited.jpg
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